Who We Are

Meet the Hush-a-Bee Team

Bianca Ritchie

Founder & Chief Sleep Nerd

Hi! I’m Bee. I’m a Certified Sleep Consultant for families with children aged 8 and under. I help tired parents discover the best approach for getting their child to start sleeping through the night. AND napping well during the day.




I am a mum to 2 boys – Mason, a 2-year-old old cherub faced monster, and my gorgeous “butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth” baby Leo.


Despite being married to the best man in the world, who is an equal parent and provider for our little family (which is great, because I can half blame him when our children are being naughty), I have lived the sheer hell of sleep deprivation while trying to care for a small person. I also have an elderly Brittany Spaniel dog and a vibrant, crazy cat that are my fur-babies, and although I love them dearly, even they seemed too much to handle when none of us were sleeping well.


I struggled with everything. Mason was cat-napping during the day and only sleeping on me, waking constantly through the night, and starting the day at 4:30am. I worried myself sick about his development being affected. I cursed myself for being the world’s worst mum, because I couldn’t do something as simple as getting my baby to sleep. So I fixed it. I helped Mason in the best way I could, supporting him the whole way with comfort and love. It was quick, simple and has been going strong ever since.


Following this, I took myself away to sunny Florida, but not for a holiday. I decided to become a Sleep Consultant and bring sleep and happiness to children everywhere, and I sought out the best teacher and mentor I knew, Dana Obleman. On return from Florida and after extensive research, I developed a world-first group consulting program – Hush-a-Bee Online.


As a sleep expert, I help bring your parenting journey back on track. Giving parents the confidence they need, together we develop a plan that will suit their child, and implement that plan for quick results. I then become their cheer leader, to keep them motivated and on track, and make sure their baby is responding to the plan.


Most clients I work with see major improvements within 3 nights, and 95% of the children I work with will no longer be having sleep issues after 2 weeks.


Sleep is often underestimated as a basic need for humans – it’s as important as breathing.


Sadly, parents are often made to feel like they chose a life of sleeplessness when they chose to have children. That is wrong for so many reasons, and only puts pressure on a parent to suck it up, which can lead to all sorts of health issues for them, both physical and mental. I know this because I have been there, in the depths of severe sleep deprivation, where everything in your world feels like it is crashing down around you. It’s crap. And it’s also the reason I do what I do, because I never want to end up there again and I don’t believe any parent should feel like that is the norm.


I aim to have every parent, and their children, having full nights of sleep, so they can all grow and bond happily as their own little family.

Judith Dawe

Online Sleep Nerd

Hi there, I’m Judith. I love sleep. I also love naps, shut eye, sleepy time, nighty nights, siestas, and did I mention snoozing?


But even more than doing all this sleeping myself – I love helping parents and carers get their little ones into a peaceful slumber.


I’m a mother to two wonderful boys, Lukas and Jakob, and together with my partner and two crazy Bengal cats we form quite a turbulent household. My family is my world and they are also my inspiration for joining the Hush-a-Bee team.


Bianca introduced me to this fantastic program when my then 6-month-old was only settling on the boob and sleep deprivation was slowly taking a toll on the whole family.


Following the program was the best decision we made. We achieved results very quickly and we have been sleeping wonderfully ever since. Having a sleeping child was pure bliss and our sanity was finally restored. And as a bonus, we had those skills we gained during the program, to help settle our second child develop a healthy sleep routine.


So now, I’m very proud to say that I have been given the opportunity to join the fantastic team at Hush-a-Bee as an Online Sleep Consultant.


Through our Online Program I help parents to come up with bedtime routines and daily schedules that will fit into their lives, working around their child’s natural rhythm. I give advice and support through our Facebook community and happily answer any questions about sleep, even giving overnight support at the start of each Online Program (and missing out on sleep myself, zzzzz).


Getting enough sleep has improved the overall vibe in our household. My partner and I have more energy for the kids, each other and work. The children are more engaged in activities and dare I say even our cats seem to be more relaxed. Well, they definitely enjoy the quiet time overnight. So after experiencing what an impact sleep deprivation had on my family and how great it was once we had found a solution, I’m very passionate about equipping other parents with the tools to get their little ones to sleep.

Kim Marling

Executive Assistant

Hello my fellow Hush-a-Bee’s!


My name is Kim and I am the Executive Assistant of the brilliant Queen Bee herself, Bianca Ritchie!


I am the mother of a gorgeous 3-year-old little girl named Charli, our sweet baby boy, Caleb, and my adopted canine child, Lacey.


I am so excited to have joined this special team and be part of all of our sleep journeys. I say “our” because I, myself, am also going through my own sleep journey with my little ones. My sleep struggles were very real with Charli. You name it, we did it. We co-slept, fed to sleep, used the dummy, rocked to sleep, and used pretty much every other sleep prop you could imagine. For about two years we did not sleep through the night. It wasn’t until I was blessed with the help of my good friend and Founder of Hush-a-Bee that we FINALLY started getting some sleep.


I can confidently say that this time around, with Caleb, we have been following Bianca’s guidance to the letter. This has been a completely different experience than the one we had with Charli, and seeing the difference because of it is so rewarding. I’m not saying it has been easy or perfect, but we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were.


I am not only here for Bianca – I want to be here for you and your little ones as well, and I want you to know that I’m always here for a chat. You’ll probably see me pop up quite a bit on our social media pages (I pretty much live there!). And since I have been on both sides of the sleep equation, I feel as though I can truly understand where you are coming from.


Let’s get some sleep and help our babies thrive!