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We have hand-picked some of our favourite products for promoting a perfect night’s sleep.

Pick up one of these items, tried and tested by us at Hush-a-Bee, and create the most beautiful sleep environment for your baby.

From newborn to well past their first birthday, babies need comfortable bedding that is both super soft, and completely safe. Babies are born with a startle reflex, which, in the first few weeks, is the most common reason that they wake. We have found the PERFECT range of sleeping bags that can be used from the minute your little bumblebee is born, until well beyond their first birthday.

White noise can be the difference between a child that wakes up to every little sound, to one that sleeps through anything. Adults and children alike can benefit from white noise, as it muffles all other noise in their environment and provides a constant, soft sound for beautiful sleep. We love these white noise solutions for our babies, and we know you will too.

A lovey, or comforter, is a soft, cuddly object that your child will attach themselves to. It will become their beloved companion, and will be dragged everywhere your little one goes.  Lovey’s often become an extension of you, the parents, and they provide comfort for your child when you aren’t right next to them. We have sourced the perfect range of soft toys that your child (and you) will absolutely adore.

Most children sleep best in total darkness, and that can be difficult to achieve (especially for naps) with regular curtains or blinds. Our answer for those catnaps and early mornings (besides healthy sleep habits) – blackout blinds. Take them anywhere and fit them to any window, and you have a complete darkness anywhere you go. And another bonus, we found ones with a reflective backing – perfect for those sunny days.

We love reading to our littles just before bed. For some children, it’s the best quality time they’ll have with their parents all day. If you start with a bedtime story from day one, your baby will learn to love books and love story time before bed. Reading to newborns while they feed, or sharing the story with your toddler or pre-schooler, every age can benefit from the magic that lies within a book.

Combined with giving your child the skills to fall asleep independently, the use of essential oils can be a highly effective way to promote sound sleep. The practice of using essential oils for rest and relaxation is a centuries-old technique that spans across many cultures. We have found the perfect blend of well-known essential oils that, when used correctly, can help promote a restful night’s sleep.

Teething can play a big role in your little one’s inability to sleep through the night. And while you can’t do a lot about it, you can provide them with the best products around to get through it. We have sourced the most beautiful teethers that your little one will just love to hold and chew on, while looking super stylish.

We hope you love our unique selection of dreamy products as much as we do xx