Hush-a-Bee Baby
About This Project

Name: Rani

Age: 4 months old

Sleep Issues

Unstructured naps, multiple night wakings, room sharing

What mum says

We initially came to Bianca because we were after a better structure for Rani’s day naps (we were getting to the stage of going from 4 to 3 naps). We also wanted to build on the circle of security for Rani and get her comfortable sleeping in her own room.

We found the whole process easy, and the ladies’ support was amazing! We really liked the fact that you had the online support community and we could ask questions at any time day/night. Being in a different timezone sometimes got a little frustrating but overall, we were extremely happy with the time taken to respond to our queries.

Rani is so happy now she is well rested. She also has more energy to focus on new developments. And we finally have our own room back. If we hadn’t sought support from Hush-a-Bee Rani would still be sleeping in our room and keeping us awake in the night.