Hush-a-Bee Baby
About This Project

Name: Declan

Age: 7 months

Sleep Issues: Holding for naps, multiple night waking, feeding to sleep, late bedtime

What mum says: When we came across Hush-a-Bee on Facebook, we were in all sorts of sleep trouble with our 7 month old boy. We had to feed him to sleep all the time, including in the middle of the night, I was holding him for most of his naps, and he wasn’t going to sleep until around 9pm. It was taking its toll on both my partner and I.


The process wasn’t perfect and we needed to change things up a couple of times, but my stubborn little man is now sleeping through the night and FINALLY napping for longer than 20 minutes. Bianca and Rabea were very flexible and supportive through the whole thing, and gave insightful feedback and lots of tips along the way. Their instructions were clear, plus it was great having them around for the first night.


I’m so surprised that Declan adjusted so well to the changes, even though at times he is stubborn. It’s amazing having more time with my hubby in the evenings. We have down time together and can actually have a conversation. And we are both not as stressed dealing with an overtired baby in the evenings.


Bee and Judith, thanks for everything.