Hush-a-Bee Toddler
About This Project

Name: Archie

Age: 2 years

Sleep issues: Feeding to sleep, multiple night waking, midnight parties, early mornings

What mum says: I am a Mum of two beautiful kids: a 6-year-old Molly and 2-year-old Archie. Right from the moment Archie was born he was not doing any of that newborn sleeping, and was a hungry boy breastfeeding regularly. I was not into the controlled crying thing so was always attending to his crying needs, which for me ended up with a lot of feeding him to sleep. This helped him most of the time to go to sleep initially, but he wouldn’t sleep for very long, so most nights he was up nearly every hour or so and then sometimes stayed awake for long periods during the night and started most days at 5am! So, as the months were passing, this was affecting me in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and overall how I was as a person, mum and wife.


Around the time that Archie was 8 months old, I reached out and got some help from a Sleep Consultant. This helped in some ways for a little time, but we quickly fell back into old habits. Then when he was 12 months of age I was really struggling, so we went and did a stint at Sleep School. This DID help for a short period but it was awful, as I felt like I was leaving my boy for such long periods crying.


Archie is just about to turn 2 years old. We are now 3 months on from doing the Hush-a-Bee Online Sleep School, and we are so happy with the results. Archie made changes and was sleeping through in a few nights, and while it took a while for me to believe that it was real that my boy could sleep through, I’m now convinced that the changes I have made work!


What Bee and Judith offer and the techniques I learnt were exactly what I needed to help Archie learn to sleep. We have a beautiful sleep routine which he knows so well and responds to. The incredible support from the online community and the expert knowledge and support you get from Bee and Judith was just what I needed. I didn’t feel I could do it on my own. Being a part of the community has meant if I need to check in with things that come up in life with my kids and their sleep, I can.


And another major change we have seen – my husband can now put him to bed! I am doing so much better in every aspect of my life with being able to sleep. It’s also so great to see Archie happier and thriving.


Thank you from our family – it has been the best thing that I could’ve done.