Hush-a-Bee Baby
About This Project

Name: Amelie

Age: 10 months

Sleep Issues: Co-sleeping, multiple night wakings, feeding to sleep

What mum says: Bee saved my sanity. I was a sleep deprived mummy for 10 long months until she popped up on my Facebook feed out of the blue. Amie was waking 10+ times a night and we were co-sleeping and she was fed to sleep. She wouldn’t have naps unless I was laying with her and same at bed time, where she would every half hour until I went to bed.


I wasn’t the only one suffering as I have a hubby and a 4yr old that this was affecting. Within 10 nights bub was sleeping in her own room in her cot. She was sleeping through the night by the end of the month and her day naps were sitting at around an hour each nap. Such a huge improvement from where we started.


The results were fantastic and everyone in our house felt the results. We had a happy baby and I was finally getting some solid sleep so I was better able to be mum to my 4yr old instead of the exhausted zombie I had become. I can’t recommend Bee at Hush-a- Bee enough. Thank you once again Bee – your support was amazing and you worked a miracle.