How to get your baby sleeping through the night in 2 weeks

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Are you struggling to settle your baby to sleep for the night, only to have them wake a short time later? Or maybe naps are getting you down?


Rest assured Mumma, you are NOT alone.


Teaching your child how to self-settle is actually not that easy. In fact, it’s really no mystery that most parents give up on sleep training their child within hours of trying to go it alone.

The worst thing you can do to fix your child’s sleep…

The biggest mistake being made by sleep-deprived parents today is trying to do it all themselves.


You spend hours online, researching every gentle method for getting your little one to self-settle.

You read through all the conflicting articles and information telling you that any one of the techniques you were considering will ruin your child.

You try everything – white noise, dummy, new routine, night light, hands on settling, singing, different room, different bed or cot.

You start every method out there, only to find that the crying is too much or they’re not self-settling, and so you give up within hours of starting.


The result…Your baby won’t stop crying, won’t self-settle and won’t fall asleep at all, and you’re left still sleep deprived and feeling like a failure as a mum.

FACT: By trying to fix your child’s sleep problems all by yourself – you’re likely to spend way more money, time and tears – and still find yourself in a sleep rut.

The key to getting your little one to settle and sleep on their own

If you want to successfully teach your child how to fall asleep on their own, in their own bed and actually STAY asleep all night, the best thing you can do is invest in support.

With professional help, parents are able to teach their children the art of sleep quickly, with very little crying and without the need to spend a cent on any more sleep products.


So if you’re here because you’re ready to help your baby (and yourself) to start sleeping through the night – then read on, because it’s time to introduce you to…

Our most affordable sleep solution that is easy to follow and sees almost immediate improvements in your child’s sleep.


Live 2 week program


Easy-to-follow personalised sleep plan


Completely supported by our Sleep Consultants


Access to our private community

Designed for exhausted parents, who want to get results quickly so EVERYONE in the family can start sleeping again.

Just imagine what life would be like if…

    • You were able to sleep 8 hours straight without hearing your baby cry out for you
    • You could start every morning seeing the smile on the face of your happy, well-rested child
    • You could take back control of your day, knowing when your little one will be taking their nap

“It has been almost a year now. I find the mornings now are the best, my daughter wakes up and gives me the biggest hugs and kisses as she hasn’t seen me all night. We do still have some bad nights but that is due to either teething or sickness but in all we have come out with an amazing sleeper. 19 months old and sleeps up to 14 hours straight, some days we have two 2-hour naps or one nap up to 3 hours. I was so happy I found bee through Facebook.”

Anne, Mum of Kaya


“Aleaha has always been a mummy’s girl but I find now when she wakes up I get the best cuddles, kisses and smiles I have ever had. She is a completely different child in her temperament now. Soo happy all the time and not sleep deprived. It’s the best thing we have done for her and us.”

Katrina, Mum of Aleaha


“Just wanted to say I freaking love you ladies!!!! I decided to start training last night and so far so good! No Dummy, each time she woke, she then went back to sleep again within 3 minutes, AND most importantly to me she had her morning sleep with just 3 minutes crying. Just 45mins but hey, how good is that for day one.”

Belinda, Mum of Lily

How can you be sure we’re right for your family?

Well… for starters… we get you.

We’re 3 mums with 6 kids between us, all under 4. And just like you we’ve ALL been through sleep struggles with our own children, so we know #thestruggleisreal when you’re trying to wrangle kids on little-to-no sleep.

We’ve also got the experience you NEED 

We’ve travelled the world to train with the best in the sleep domain

We have a variety of degrees under our belts

We’ve helped hundreds of parents across the globe to fix their baby’s sleep

We’ve worked with various experts in the early childhood arena

And lastly – we genuinely, seriously give a crap about YOU and your baby.

We know the toll that sleep deprivation can take, and the guilt and worry you feel about your child’s development and growth when they are not sleeping enough. Which is why we’ve created our Online Sleep School to provide LIVE support the whole way through, and why we invite you to stay a lifetime with us.

Online Sleep School

    • It’s Australia’s FIRST Online Sleep School with LIVE support offered at every level, meaning you get the customised sleep plan AND the support to implement it.
    • It’s a course built with every budget in mind, making it affordable and accessible to everyone.
    • You’ve got 2 Sleep Consultants at your fingertips, offering tailored advice and support.
    • We’ve got an amazingly supportive Facebook Community filled with parents who have been through it all before, so you’ll never feel alone.
    • Our program has been designed with the whole family in mind, so you’ll see everyone benefit from more sleep.

Minnie – Mum of Archie

Pre-Online Sleep School


I was really struggling…as the months were passing, this was negatively affecting me in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and overall how I was as a person, mum and wife.


Most nights he was up nearly every hour or so and sometimes stayed awake for long periods during the night and started most days at 5am


Post-Online Sleep School


Incredible support from the Online Community… and the expert knowledge and support you get from Bee and Judith was just what I needed.


We are so happy with the results.


Archie made changes and was sleeping through in a few nights, and while it took a while for me to believe that it was real that my boy could sleep through, I’m now convinced that the changes I have made work.


Thank you from our family…


It has been the best thing that I could’ve done.


Annette – Mum of Archer

Pre-Online Sleep School


I was running on empty, with an active toddler and a frequently feeding but rarely resting baby – I was struggling.


I was up from 3:50 am every morning with him and I would be lucky to crawl into bed by midnight but he’d only sleep for 40 minutes then wanted another feed…


I never realised how lonely it could be.


Post-Online Sleep School


Following the program… Archer now has the tools to help him sleep. He knows I’m there for him 100% but he is now sleeping 7pm to 6am every night.


I quietly like to say, “he sleeps through the night now”. Wow! Yes, he does.


Bee gave me… the confidence and support (even at 1am!) I needed. I will forever be so appreciative.


I’ve started to get my life back too.

Here’s what you’ll get with our Online Sleep School


Sleep Evaluation 

We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your child’s current sleep habits, and we encourage you to be as thorough as possible. This helps us provide a plan appropriate for your child’s specific needs.


Customised Sleep Plan

You will get a Sleep Plan for your child, delivered to you inbox prior to our consultation. This plan will be easy to follow, and together, we will customise it to your family.


Sleep Consultation

We hold a group consultation via an online meeting platform the day before your program begins. This is a 2 hour, interactive consultation, during which your plan will be explained and all questions will be answered.

Dedicated Support 

The program runs for 2 full weeks. During this time, a Sleep Consultant will be available every day on the Hush-a-Bee Facebook Community to check in with you and provide any advice or support needed.

Community Access

For the duration of your program, you will have access to our AMAZING private Facebook community. This is where our clients – parents just like you – hang out and ask anything and everything about sleep and other things.

Daily Emails

You will be sent an email every day for 2 weeks. These will include a debriefing of the previous night, expectations for the night ahead, along with lots of hints and tips for sleep success.

Overnight Support

On the first night of your program, your Sleep Consultants will be available ALL night on the community Facebook page to answer any questions you have and get you through that night.

Supporting Documentation

We provide you with a range of guides, cheat sheets, information for other carers, and anything else you need to be successful in your sleep journey both now and in the future.

Discount on Products

As a thank you for joining our Online Sleep School, we offer you a discount off ALL products sold through our online store. This means you can be prepared to support your child’s sleep from day one.

Stay a Lifetime 

We want to make sure you are feeling like you have that “village” to help raise your child. Because of this, we offer you the opportunity to stay a lifetime with us, getting access not only to your Sleep Consultants, but to the many other early childhood experts we invite into our community as guests.


Our signature program, designed to get you sleeping quickly, easily, and affordably, includes:

    • Thorough evaluation of your baby’s sleep
    • Full, customisable sleep plan
    • In-depth group consultation
    • Overnight Facebook support (12 hours) on night one
    • 2 weeks of dedicated Facebook support
    • Daily emails for 2 weeks
    • Discount on all products in the online Sleep Shop
    • 6 weeks access to the Hush-a-Bee Community
    • Access to bonus Early Childhood Experts every month
    • Automatic monthly subscription to the private Hush-a-Bee Community

ONLY $397



100% Success Guarantee

Our program comes with no risk, whatsoever.

    • You have full access to our online community during your program
    • Your child’s sleep plan is yours to keep
    • You have exclusive access to future offers and freebies
    • We will automatically place you on the next intake if you are unable to start with your group

If, after completing the full two weeks of the program, you have not seen any improvements in your child’s sleep, we will refund you the full cost of the program. Give it a try, the risk is on us!

P.S. Our sleep program, which has been successfully implemented by 100’s of mums worldwide, is PROVEN to help you get your baby sleeping through the night.s

BUT, it’s first in, best dressed as we can only coach a maximum of 20 sleep students at one time. And you can rest assured that if this doesn’t help you and your baby, you’ll be refunded in full.


What is Online Sleep School?


Hush-a-Bee’s Online Sleep School is a program designed for parents, giving them a tailored sleep plan for their child, full support to implement that sleep plan and the opportunity for ongoing, lifetime support.

Why are there only 20 places available?


The Online Sleep School is a live program run by 2 Sleep Consultants. To make sure we can provide enough support to everyone on the program, as well as help the lifetime members in our community, we had to put a limit on the group size.

How is this different to any other sleep solution on the market?


Through thorough research, we found parents wanted the support of personal, one-on-one consulting for the price of a DIY program. So we came up with our group program, to bring the cost of Sleep Consulting down, as well as offering a payment plan to further help parents.

What happens if we don’t get results?


If you can show us that you’ve followed your sleep plan exactly as it is written out, but you’ve seen no improvements in your child’s sleep, we will happily refund you your money.

What happens if we can’t start the next program but we’re keen to secure a spot?


You can sign up straight away and we can secure your spot for the following program so that your support kicks off then.

What happens if my child gets sick before we start or during the program?


We advise you not to make any changes to your child’s routine, sleep or otherwise, while they are unwell. When your child is sick they need all the comfort you can give them. If this happens, we will automatically place you onto the next program.

We have already been to sleep school and failed. How do I know this will be any different?


It may surprise you to know that approximately 20% of the families that come to us have already had professional sleep help. The reason we are the final stop for these families is that we extend the support beyond the program.

Every child will face challenges with their sleep in the future. Whether it be a major development, teething, nightmares, bedwetting, the chances are something will disturb their sleep in the future. With lifetime community access, you can ask us for help ANY TIME following your program. We want you and your child to be amazing sleepers well into the future.

How early can I start this program?


Although we understand the newborn months are tough (and not only for sleep), we ask you to wait until your little one is past the 4 month mark. Our reason for this is two-fold: babies need all your attention up to that point, and around the 4 month mark, they go through a major leap in their development, which often messes with their sleep. We prefer to start after they have gone through that major development before making any changes to their routine.

Can I start any time?


Our Online Sleep School runs approximately every 6 weeks, and as this is a group program, we start and finish as a group. This allows us to provide you with complete support overnight for your first night, and more intensive support during the first week. We also see great support happening between the parents in each group because they are going through everything at the same time.

Do you do any one-on-one work with clients?


Bianca Ritchie, our Founder and Certified Sleep Consultant, does lots of one-on-one work with clients. If you are interested in learning more about getting 1:1 professional support, please contact us and we’ll get back to you quickly. 

What age do you work up to?


We work up to children aged 8 years old. Many parents have reached out to us about their school-aged child not sleeping, and they’ve been concerned about their child’s ability to learn at school.

Just as parents of babies and toddlers worry about physical and mental development in their non-sleeping littlies, parents of school-aged children worry about their child struggling at school. If this is you, get in touch, because although we’d love to tell you otherwise, sleep is one of the most important things children need to succeed at school.

How long will it take for my child to start sleeping through the night?


This is a very common question, but one we don’t have a clear answer to. Every child is different, so they could sleep through on night one, or they may take the full two weeks to get there. The average, however, is 3 nights, and for children that take longer than a week, there is usually something else going on.

Who shouldn’t do your Online Sleep School?


We would love to tell you this program is for everyone, but it’s not.


If you are currently bed sharing with your child and you wish to continue to do so, this program is not for you. We are not trained in safe sleeping practices when it comes to bed sharing, therefor we would never place your family at risk by giving incorrect advice.


If you feel that you would like a little more support in the form of a home visit, our Founder and Certified Sleep Consultant, Bianca Ritchie, does 1:1 work with clients. Please get in touch to find out more about this service.