Get your baby’s sleep off to the best possible start!

Tap into our top child sleep expert & learn everything you need to set up healthy sleep habits for your baby from the very beginning

Are you worried about the sleepless nights ahead?

Or perhaps you’re getting LOADS of conflicting advice and you don’t know what advice to follow.

This may surprise you mama, but those feelings are WAY more common than you think.

Parents all over the world are struggling with their newborn’s sleep, and most won’t reach out for help. They’ll struggle through, trying different methods or suggestions…but nothing works.

If you’re here because you want to know exactly what you need to do to create healthy sleep habits for your little one – then read on…

For newborn babies to 4 month-olds, our newborn program is designed to give parents specific tools to gradually step back and allow their baby to discover their own self-soothing skills.


Easy-to-follow sleep guide


1:1 catch ups with our Certified Sleep Consultant


A digital sleep log to record your baby’s progress


Guidelines on what to expect at various ages


A discount on all products in our Sleep Shop

Built for new parents, who need that little extra guidance to achieve LOADS of sleep success.

Just imagine how amazing life would be if…

    • You were able to sleep 8 hours straight by the time your newborn is 10 weeks old, without hearing them cry out for you
    • You could enjoy cuddles with your tiny baby without worrying about their sleep being affected
    • You could take control of your day, being confident to navigate life with a newborn without the stress of getting them to sleep

“Natalia has been sleeping great through the night. And I can see a huge improvement in her happiness. I didn’t think my bundle of joy could get any happier but she is so happy to see either me or my husband in the mornings and she doesn’t cry in the morning when she’s awake, she has a chat to herself, it’s really cute. Thank you so much for this opportunity to get more support from you. Looking forward to learning and trying a lot more. I’m already blown away with how much she has improved in her ability to sleep through the night and her overall happiness.

Melissa, Mum of Natalia

“I have twin girls who are total opposites – Rosalie has slept through the night from the beginning, but Aubrey was waking up constantly every night, and would only go back to sleep after a feed, which took forever in the early weeks. With the advice Bianca gave, Aubrey dropped her night time feeds by 8 weeks old. Absolute miracle really, can’t believe it. I think I just needed someone to help me work through the newborn stage, because I have been through this before but I twins are a whole new ball game!”

Jessica, Mum of Aubrey and Rosalie

Hush-a-Bee Newborns

    • You’ll learn everything you need to know to get your baby to learn how to self-settle from the start, which is the #1 thing that will help them sleep through the night early.
    • You will be shown how to adapt your sleep guide to suit your family, so there’s no need to compromise your parenting style.
    • You will have 3 x 1:1 sessions with our Certified Sleep Consultant, which can be used whenever you feel you need some extra support.
    • We’ll provide you with a travel guide, nap guide and daylight savings cheat sheet, so you can get through some of the more challenging sleep situations with ease.
    • You will receive recommended routines for the first 3 months, which will save you the stress of knowing whether your baby is getting enough sleep.

Here’s what you will get with our newborn program

Newborn Sleep Guide

You will get a Newborn Sleep Guide for your family, given to you as soon as you go through the checkout. This guide will be easy to follow, and you can customise it to your family.

1:1 Private Support

You will have 3 x 1:1 private support sessions with your Sleep Consultant, at a time suitable for you. You can ask all the questions you need during these calls to make sure you are clear on your plan moving forward.


Digital Sleep Log

You will be given a digital sleep log to keep track of your newborn’s sleep. This will help you track your progress over time, and also give your Consultant a clear picture of what has been happening.

Sleep Guides

We will provide you with our Travel Guide, our Nap Transition Guide, and our Daylight Savings Cheat Sheet. These are all some of the more difficult, ongoing challenges that parents face with sleep.

Discount on Products

As a thank you for joining our newborn program, we offer you a discount off ALL products sold through our online store. This means you can be prepared to support your baby’s sleep from day one.

Opportunity for Further Support

We want to make sure you are 100% successful in your quest for sleep. Because of this, we offer you the opportunity to join our private Facebook Community. Here, you’ll have access to our Sleep Consultants whenever you need to ask a question, and you can stay in the community as long as you need.

What’s the Investment?

Hush-a-Bee Newborns, designed to get your newborn baby self-settling quickly, easily, and affordably, include:

    • Full, customisable sleep guide
    • 3 x 1:1 phone sessions with our Sleep Consultant
    • A digital sleep log to track progress
    • Additional sleep guides for tricky situations
    • Discount on all products in the online Sleep Shop

Was $197




100% Success Guarantee

Our newborn program comes with no risk, whatsoever.

    • Your sleep guide and all supporting materials are yours to keep
    • You have exclusive access to future offers and freebies

If, after following the newborn sleep guide for 3 months, you have not seen any improvement in your baby’s sleep, we will refund you the full cost of the program. Give it a try, the risk is on us!

P.S. Our newborn sleep program, which has been successfully implemented by 100’s of mums worldwide, is PROVEN to help you get your baby self-settling and sleeping through the night from early on.

BUT, the sooner you begin the better your results, so don’t wait too long.


How do I book in my 1:1 sessions? 

We will send you a link to our scheduling system, where you will see all of our available times and dates and can book whatever suits you.

What age is this program aimed at?

This program can be accessed by expecting parents, right through to 4 months of age. If your little one is nearing 4 months, or has passed that age, we highly recommend checking out our Online Sleep School.

What happens if my baby becomes unwell?

When your child is sick they need all the comfort you can give them. If this happens, we recommend you put a pause on your sleep guide, and start again when they are back to full health. The beauty of being able to use you 1:1 sessions when YOU need them, is there is no time pressure.

Do you do any one-on-one work with clients outside of what is listed on your website?

Bianca Ritchie, our Founder and Certified Sleep Consultant, does lots of one-on-one work with clients. If you are interested in learning more about getting 1:1 professional support, please contact us and we’ll get back to you quickly.

What happens if we don’t get results?

If you can show us that you’ve followed the sleep guide exactly as it is written out, but you’ve seen no improvements in your little one’s sleep, we will happily refund you your money.

How is this different to your Online Sleep School?

The information provided through Hush-a-Bee Newborns is only suitable for ages 0 to 4 months. Following that, we can take a much more structured approach to your little one’s sleep, so we would welcome you into our Online Sleep School.

How long will it take for my baby to start sleeping through the night?

This is a very common question, but one we don’t have a clear answer to. Every newborn is different, with different needs when they’re born, so they could sleep through at 6 weeks, or they may take the full 4 months to get there. The average, however, is 10 weeks, and for babies that take longer than that, there is usually something else going on.

Who shouldn’t purchase this program?

We would love to tell you the Hush-a-Bee Newborns is for everyone, but it’s not.

If you wish to bed share with your newborn baby, this program is not for you. We are not trained in safe sleeping practices when it comes to bed sharing, therefor we would never place your family at risk by giving incorrect advice.

And if you feel that you would like a little more support from our trained Sleep Consultants, please get in touch to find out more about what we offer, or check out our Online Sleep School.